Festival Participation Form

        Festival Participation Form


Every year we have a spring festival at a beautiful venue on which we feature group performances.  In addition to performances by students from our repertoire classes, our tour group plays, our low strings perform some selections, and we have a few solos or chamber groups.  Everyone is invited to participate in the group portion of the concert.  Solo/small chamber groups are invited by audition only.

Our standards for the festival are quite high and we are always proud of how our students are able to surpass our expectations. We expect that all music will be memorized and perfected at least 2weeks before the performance.  Students should practice for excellent intonation and rhythm, beautiful tone, and accurate notes.  Pieces that are sufficiently learned will receive a check from your teacher and students should only perform pieces that receive a check from their teacher. 

Requirements:Students must plan on regular attendance at repertoire group classes.  Attendance at a least 2 repertoire classes in the spring semester as well as the dress rehearsal is mandatory.

Everyone is invited to perform.  We’d love to see you all there!  Please let us know no later than January 15th whether or not you plan to participate.


This year, our spring festival will take place on Sunday, April 7th. The dress rehearsal is Saturday, April 6th.

____I/My child plans to perform on the spring festival

____I/My child is interested in auditioning for a solo/chamber performance (book 4 level minimum)

____I/My child is unable to perform on the spring festival this year