About Heather and STL Ocarina

The St. Louis School of Music is affiliated with STL Ocarina, which strives to bring music education to a wider audience through the ocarina, a highly portable, inexpensive, and easy to learn folk instrument.  Through STL Ocarina, the school has published music education books and DVDs and designs and sells performance quality ocarinas.  Additionally, the St. Louis Ocarina Trio, the performance group of STL Ocarina has performed throughout the St. Louis area as well as having released multiple CDs.
Bringing 16 years of musical experience and outright vivacious energy to the St. Louis Ocarina Trio is none other than St. Louis, Missouri’s own Heather Scott. Born and raised in St. Louis, Heather began her musical career as a flutist, earning a Bachelor’s degree in music performance from Illinois State University as well as a Master’s degree from Webster University. Her involvement with the ocarina can only be described as a love affair with the 12,000 year-old instrument! Already a professional flutist, Heather has become an accomplished ocarina player and has devoted herself to promoting passion for music. She has frequently appeared as a guest lecturer on many radio and television programs as an advocate for music education and its benefits for children.
As well as performing in many live events around the St. Louis area, Heather also loves working with children. She currently performs and teaches ocarina for the St. Louis School of Music.