Mark O’Connor Program

Laura accept students as young as 3 in the Mark O’Connor program.  Students may choose to simultaneously study the Mark O’Connor and Suzuki cirriucula.

The Mark O’Connor method utilizes the philosophy and curriculum of famed American violinist and fiddler, Mark O’Connor.  Among the central tenants of this method are developing creativity and the child’s own unique musical voice, the use of timeless classic American music with which we are familiar, understanding the history and relevance of the music studied to our lives today, and the importance of learning a variety of styles as a springboard for the child to pursue his/her own musical preferences.  Mr. O’Connor has written a summary of the essential components of his method called 8 Principles of the O’Connor Method as well as a more in depth treatise, 20 Points of Creativity, on how use his method to develop creativity.

O’Connor Method students are welcome at the weekly Suzuki group classes.  In addition to solo, chamber, and group performances each year, our Mark O’Connor method and Suzuki students perform on our Spring Festival.

Enjoy some highlights from our Spring Festival 2012 at The Sheldon Concert Hall!